Who are we ?

Wherever men thought they were made kings,
Bearded creatures shall arise,
Bearing the attributes of power
Playing the game of masculinity

The Beard is a feminist action group denouncing the monopoly of power, prestige and money by a few thousand white men.

The ultimate goal of The Beard is not to get a few more women in men’s clubs governed by men, created for men. It is to illustrate the domination of men in the upper echelons in every professional areas, be it political, cultural or social, while turning their codes, their values, their "esprit de corps" into old fashioned hobbits.

The Beard is an action group.

The action consists in a discrete invasion of places that are traditionally dominated by men - with beards on once chin.

The action can take place in a fancy restaurant, in a high level meeting room, at a general assembly, in the jury of some festival ...

Beards stand straight in front or behind their victims. The performance is quiet and dignified. The presence of bearded women, alined or dispersed among an array of grey suits speaks for itself : you had to grow hair on your chin to be a member of the club!

Repetition, redundancy, mirror effects are dear to the Beard, as reflections of the dynamic of co-optation, self- congratulation, reproduction of the elite that is essential to male domination.

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