La BBC 01/12/2012

Ici Paris. Les françaises parlent aux anglais.

Dear fellows,

We would like to take this opportunity to salute your nomination as the 19th Director General of the BBC, this venerable broadcasting institution in whose debt France remains for having carried the voice of resistance across the English Channel during the Second World War.

As well as acknowledging the distinguished and indispensible role played by the BBC during France’s hour of great need, we would like to give our most sincere thanks to the members of the BBC Trust, who in announcing your appointment have maintained an unfailing tradition in BBC’s governance. A tradition that La Barbe is particularly attached to. After all the turbulence and scandal of recent months, the BBC has nominated you as their next “man for the job”. Tim, you have replaced your predecessor George, who he himself continued the work of Mark and so on without interruption; 85 years of masculine prowess.

Since 1927, the senior executive of the BBC has become the symbol of virile camaraderie, the perseverance of continuity, and even to this day, top management modernity.

Who better than the stronger, creative and more attentive sex to appreciate the needs of the millions of BBC listeners? Who better than talented white men to lead the BBC in its strive towards diversity?

So when France’s Ministers for Culture, who have all one after another called on France Radio and France Télévision to strive to be as good as the BBC, their message is clear: may their senior management and power rest in the hands of men. We have almost succeeded in this goal. Oh BBC, remain our faithful role-model, and forgive us our imperfections.

Dearest Tim, La Barbe congratulates you on your appointment and wishes you the greatest success in your role as acting Director General up until the moment where you hand over power to Anthony William Hall, Lord of Birkenhead, in March 2013.

La Barbe

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