Communiqué de presse- La BBC 01/12/2012

La Barbe Congratulates the BBC

Press release November the 31th, 2012.

In a true 1940 radio style La Barbe congratulates the BBC for the appointment of its new general director, the 19th men since the creation of the World celebrated Broadcast.

La Barbe is a French feminist action group. It denounces the concentration of power in the hands of men in all influential arena of the French society: politics, economics, arts, media, administration, etc.

For the first time La Barbe crosses the Channel. In doing so, the activists’ group says its admiration and philosophical link to the British suffragettes and their "cordial" support to modern British feminists. La Barbe run over 120 actions since its creation, four years ago, in a very humouristic and not less stunning style.

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